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A camera? A lamp? A walking stick? These are just a few of the many wooden pieces I have transformed. The camera is all natural and you would think a forest explorer owned it. The lamp seems to be rustic but modern at the same time.  And last but not least, the vine rapped white birch walking stick shows much natural beauty. All show how beautiful and awesome GOD’S creations really are!

My favorite piece is the camera with its tripod. This piece is a stack of mahogany and poplar with a black birch and epoxy lens, chrome rivet for a button, with a working view finder and a glass marble at the end of the view finder. The camera is easily detachable from its tripod, and the camera could be pivoted to aim in any direction. This, by far, is one of my favorite creations.

Another one of my favorites is my lamp, which is a maple tree that my brother and I dug up out of the woods behind my house. I used the roots of the tree to make it stand up straight and then I removed all of the bark to uncover its beautiful wood. Next my dad wired it and finally it sheds a marvelous light.


Out of the numerous walking sticks I have made the vine rapped white birch is the cream of the crop.  The young white birch tree was in the stage of shedding its bark so I preserved it, while also transforming it. You can clearly see it was being choked by a vine which gives it even more character. It is a goldish cream color and has been burned to bring out even more color and beauty.


All in all, I like to transform things GOD has created through carving, sanding, drilling, staining, and sometimes even adding to an old tree. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know my wood work, while also learning a little bit about me. (Please feel free check out my store to see what I have been up to lately.) As you may now know, I like to look at things GOD made a different way.