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About Me

Hey, nice to meet you! My name is Matt, A.K.A Boo, and I’m just an 18-year-old who loves the great outdoors and anything with tires, tracks, paws, and hooves. And most importantly I love the GOOD LORD! I have one bro who is my employee and best bud, and a mom who was my teacher for my whole life, and a Dad who is a master at all trades!

Since I was young I loved working with my dad. One of our favorite pastimes was, and still is, wood working. We enjoyed making toy trucks and walking sticks the most. One day I decided to make a walking stick for my cousin and the final product was jaw dropping (in my opinion). I made another and another and another, until I just had way too many sticks. So, I started selling them to family and friends by word of mouth.

Then was born – “Boo Wood” and I began to branch off by making many different things you can see on my website and I am continuing to expand my product line to this day! Some popular items I make and sell include vases, coasters, office sets, and bracelets.

One of the many reasons I love wood working is that you can be creative and totally different than everybody else! As you get to know me, you shall see that I like to look at things GOD made a different way.

I hope you will come to my Grand Opening in 2019.  It will be a blast!

Matt - Boo Wood Industries
Matt Working - Boo Wood Industries


Quality Control

George is my dad and one of my best friends. He has taught me the value of hard work and has inspired me to become a blue-collar worker. My dad is nothing less than a master of all trades, and has been with me throughout the life of Boo Wood. I like to refer to him as Quality Control.

Administrative Assistant

My Mom is my Administrative Assistant and has been my remarkable teacher for my whole life!

Manager of Manual Labor

Chris is the Manager of Manual Labor as well as my awesome brother!


Bob is my business mentor, a great friend, and one of my biggest fans!

Master Teacher

I have been an apprentice to Wes Quigley for over a year. He is the owner of WHQ Woodworks, a company founded by he and his father in 1993.  WHQ Woodworks is a full-service millworks company, offering fine art furniture making and architectural design. Wes has taught me many invaluable skills for the custom furniture and cabin making industry. He is an all-around great guy and extremely talented teacher. I am grateful to Wes and his family for letting me interrupt their lives, as I have spent numerous days at his shop working with him. Working with Wes has been a once in a lifetime experience. Make sure to check out his website at  http://www.whqwoodworks.com.


Josh Gogol and Pat Vlamis are extraordinary photographers and good friends.

Website Designer

Beth is the owner of Brighten Your View and a fantastic website designer. Make sure to check out her website at https://brightenyourview.com.